Humor for getting older.

I thought I would share some humor today.

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Lessons from Grammy.

grammyThe saying is, all you ever need to know you learned in kindergarten, is pretty true.  However, I would like to add, all you need to know about growing up (and I use that term loosely) you can learn from your grandparents.  In my case, that would be my grandmother, more affectionately known as, Grammy.

Sixteen years ago she left this earthly plane to go try out the buffet in heaven, but the memories I have of her teach me lessons that I need to make it through the next half of my life.

Lesson one-Have a great sense of humor.  Be able to find the humor in any scenario, even the mix up of hairspray with ant spray.

Lesson two-Enjoy your food, but don’t let it rule your life.

Lesson three-Sleep likes to evade us.  Our body decides it can be productive at 3 a.m., but don’t believe it.  We still need to try to get 8 hours of shut eye.

Lesson four-You can learn to be charming.  Being able to talk to God and the devil in the same room has it’s benefits, just ask any politician.

Lesson five-It’s okay to get a face lift if that’s what you want to do.  You need to be happy with yourself.  Don’t ever let anyone put you down for your decision, they don’t live in your skin.

Lesson six-Always be able to support yourself and save money.  When it gets down to it, you are the only one responsible for you.  Save for retirement.

Lesson seven-You are always loved unconditionally by God.  We all have days when we feel as though the world is against us, we feel unloved, but you’re not.  Everyone on this planet needs to know that there is always at least one being who will love us, me, you unconditionally. Whether that is God, a grandparent, a parent or best friend we all need love to survive.

Lesson eight-Be able to make friends.  As we get older friends die, move away or become too busy, so make sure you can still make new friends.  They are a structural support beam for our foundation of happiness.

Lesson nine-Be proactive.  We can slow the wrinkle, age spot, sagging skin factor of old age by taking care of our bodies.  So stay out of the sun, use sunscreen and wear long sleeves for crying out loud.

Lesson ten-Family and traveling are 2 of the greatest gifts God gives us.  Enjoy them both.

Lesson eleven-Keep on learning until the day you die.  It helps your mind and gives you more to topics to be able to discuss with friends, family and associates.  No one wants to hear the story of how we accidentally used ant spray on our hair instead of hairspray every time we meet.

So, thank you Grammy for all the lessons you taught me.  And, yes, The Golden Girls rock.



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Women going bald.


We love our hair.

Thick, long, shiny locks are typically symbolic of youth, so when we start to lose it, it can feel like we are losing our youth as well.  I’m not saying that we aren’t, I’m saying that we like the illusion that we are still young.  After all, we usually feel much younger than a calendar tells us we are.

For some women hair loss is genetic, for the rest of us we do it to ourselves.  Here are some simple suggestions.

Stop wearing your hair pulled back tight everyday.  It can cause a thinning or receding hairline.

Use a better hair brush.  Cheap hair brushes can snag and pull out hair unnecessarily.  My favorite is a boar bristle brush..

Check your shampoo.  Believe it or not, the chemicals in some shampoos can make your hair fall out.  For example, Pantene makes my hair fall out and has the same effect on my best friend’s hair.  Dove is now my go to Shampoo and I love it.

Hair restoration products.  When we have frizzy hair we like to use restoration products to magically give us back our beautiful locks.  Be cautious.  A protein pack had been recommended to me by a hairdresser, so I tried it.  My hair was falling out in clumps for weeks!  I was shocked.  It took a year or so to get my hair to grow back.

If your hair is getting thin and you don’t think it’s genetic try different products to see if maybe that’s the culprit.

Ladies, if you treasure your locks be sure to give them the respect they deserve and they will reward you.


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I’m not even 50

At the store I had a reality check.  The cashier asked if I was a member of the 55 and over club?  Really?  I look that old already? Wow, that was a shocker to me.  Perhaps it’s the fact that my brain still thinks it’s 30 something.

I shook my head no, humbled to my core.  Wow, really?

She continued with her chit chat and at the end asked, “I didn’t hear what you said before.  Are you over 55?”

“No.” I feebly answered.

Once back in the safety of my non-judgemental car, I looked at myself in the mirror.  Really?  Humph, what does she know?

Back at home, I went into the bathroom for a closer look.  Gently pulling back on my jawline to see just how loose my skin is (or isn’t.)

How much does a little nip and tuck cost?  I asked myself, because apparently that’s what you do when you get “older.”

Now I fully understand my mom’s fight to retain her youthful looks.  Sorry mom, for not being understanding at the time.  You were right.

The most humbling part of all this is that I’m not even 50 yet, close, but not quite.

Now will begin the search for inner beauty and strength, along with affordable youth promising products.  I will happily share my findings with anyone else who is interested in postponing the inevitable.

If you have any great tips or pointers to share please feel free.


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