For The Love of Shoes and Feet


Is it just me or is it difficult to find shoes that are both good for your feet (orthopedically designed inside) and really cute?   I don’t mean all right looking, I mean oh my God they are so cute I have to buy them-cute.  You know what I mean?

I recently began a search for such a pair.

With my feet needing more pampering from me (no more cheap flip flops) I set out to find a good, cute pair of black sandals.  Who knew it would prove to be such a challenge?

A dozen stores later and I still don’t have a new pair of sandals.

It is partially my fault.  One of my quirks is my insistence on finding exactly what I’m looking for and not settling for less.  (Once it took me 2 weeks of shopping to find the perfect set of utensils.)  My friends think I’m too picky.  I think of myself as….dedicated.

Back to the shoes at hand.

In my search for the ideal black sandals I found a neglected market, shoes that are good for the feet and designer cute.

Have I looked at designer shoes you may ask?  Yes I have.  In fact, I have a gorgeous pair of Gucci boots that set us back $1,000.  They are NOT comfortable.  

The cute designer shoes I’ve tried on are not comfortable.  Why don’t I just add an insole you ask?  Because if I’m paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes I don’t think I should have to spend more money to improve them.

There are many decent, comfortable shoe companies out there, such as, Clarks, Naturalizers, Vionic, Birkenstock etc., but they aren’t cute, dressy or glam.

Why is it no one pairs quality, comfort and cute (glam) in a single pair of shoes or sandals?

Just because we’re getting older and need to wear good-for-our-feet shoes doesn’t mean we don’t want to wear shoes that will rock the red carpet.

So I implore, I beg-any new shoe designer out there to please fill that niche.

Trust me, we will happily pay 2 or 3 or $400 for the perfect pair of sandals and shoes.


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