Why aren’t there magazines for mature women?


Are there other women out there besides me, who would like to read a magazine that is specifically for women over 45?

There are plenty of magazines for women in general, but none specifically for 45+ women.  They want us to believe that More magazine is for us, but sadly no.

My idea of a magazine for us features images of women who are all over the age of 45, no 20 year olds modeling how effective a face cream is.  Have a woman who is 50 modeling this years trending fashions.  Is that too much to ask?

Speaking of fashion, it should be what women of our age wear.  I am height/weight proportionate and have slim legs, but I won’t embarrass myself by wearing a minnie skirt. There are age appropriate fashions for all ages.  Don’t try to dress us in clothes a teen would wear.

All the advertising should be products that are geared for us also.  I love Disneyland as much as anyone else, but I don’t look through a women’s magazine for ideas for my future grandchildren.  I do it for me.

The products should all be for mature women and don’t be shy about the price tag.  Luxury cars, exotic vacations, pricey jewelry are all welcome along with skin care, cosmetics and fashion.

Stories should be of interest.  How about articles of women inventors?  Women entrepreneurs?  Women leaders?  Include the well known and the not well known.

I would love to read a magazine about women who rise to challenges, who are strong, support one another, who are positive and ever growing.

Please tell me I’m not the only one?

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