False claims of skin care products.


How many commercials have you seen for mature skin products that make claims of ageless aesthetic beauty?

Enough already.

Olay makes a line of skin care products for mature skin and I’m sure they are nourishing and hydrating for our skin, but they make claims implying that your skin won’t age any more once you start using their product.

For the record, the key ingredient is sunscreen.  Please allow me to use my own sunscreen and stop putting it in all mature skin care lotions and creams.  Some of us are allergic to sunscreen.

Stop with the false advertising.

We all want to take care of our skin so we can look our best and we are willing to pay up the wazoo if it’s really possible.  Logically, we know it isn’t, but we want to believe.  We buy the products in hopes they will prove us wrong.

I’m not just picking on Olay, Loreal makes the similar claims with their products for mature skin along with many, many others.

We would all love to find products that help to nourish, hydrate, remove age spots, even the tone and firm the skin (at an affordable price.)  Seriously though, stick to the facts.  Stop lying about your “miracle” products.  No one, no product can stop the hands of time.  No one can stop mother nature all we can slow her down.

The cosmetic industry makes claims of using doctors and chemists to formulate their miracle products.  I’m wondering if we would have any better success buying ingredients and combining them ourselves to create an effective age slowing skin care product?

To answer my question,

if any one out there makes their own serums and lotions that work better than the products on the market, please, let me know.  I would love to try it.  Otherwise I will feel compelled to create my own skin care line for mature skin and that is just too time consuming.

So to all the women (and men) out there over 45 who have found skin care products that work, please pass on the names, just don’t tell me if they make false claims of the fountain of youth.



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