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Always ready for the camera


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Arm chair doctors

Doctors go to school continually to add to their knowledge and learn about new findings, which is one reason they get annoyed when we become arm chair doctors for ourselves. I understand their concern if and when we might misdiagnose

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Why aren’t there magazines for mature women?

Are there other women out there besides me, who would like to read a magazine that is specifically for women over 45? There are plenty of magazines for women in general, but none specifically for 45+ women.  They want us

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Our aging, fragile finger nails.

“As we get older, it shows in our nails.”  That’s what the dermatologist said.  Before I had weak, splitting, cracking nails I had no idea that a dermatologist is the doctor who cares for nails!  Who knew?! I thought I

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False claims of skin care products.

How many commercials have you seen for mature skin products that make claims of ageless aesthetic beauty? Enough already. Olay makes a line of skin care products for mature skin and I’m sure they are nourishing and hydrating for our

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