The bedtime routine for over 40.



Why is it that the older I get the longer my bedtime routine becomes?

As a little girl my bedroom routine consisted of pretending to brush my teeth and putting on a nightgown, 5 minutes tops.

As a teenager, the routine was brushing my teeth, brushing my hair and putting on a nightgown.

As an adult, it became brush my teeth, wash my face and fall into bed.

Once I hit 40 the routine became a thirty minute process;  brush  my teeth, floss, wash my face, use toner, apply night face creme, age spot remover, bleach teeth (once a week), apply body lotion over my entire body, apply cuticle salve, take jewelry off, stretch, put in a mouth guard, go pee one last time, put pj’s on and turn on the heating pad so I have a warm bed to crawl into and relax my back muscles.  Whew, did I miss anything?  Maybe.

Then there’s allergy season,  which brings with it an entirely different set of routine habits.

When does it go back to 5 minutes again?  Is it when I no longer care about trying to slow down the aging process?  I can’t imagine when that will happen.

Sleep well my friends.  I’m off to get ready for bed.


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