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The bedtime routine for over 40.

  Why is it that the older I get the longer my bedtime routine becomes? As a little girl my bedroom routine consisted of pretending to brush my teeth and putting on a nightgown, 5 minutes tops. As a teenager,

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Humor for getting older.

I thought I would share some humor today.

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Lessons from Grammy.

The saying is, all you ever need to know you learned in kindergarten, is pretty true.  However, I would like to add, all you need to know about growing up (and I use that term loosely) you can learn from your grandparents.  In

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Women going bald.

  We love our hair. Thick, long, shiny locks are typically symbolic of youth, so when we start to lose it, it can feel like we are losing our youth as well.  I’m not saying that we aren’t, I’m saying

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