I’m not even 50

At the store I had a reality check.  The cashier asked if I was a member of the 55 and over club?  Really?  I look that old already? Wow, that was a shocker to me.  Perhaps it’s the fact that my brain still thinks it’s 30 something.

I shook my head no, humbled to my core.  Wow, really?

She continued with her chit chat and at the end asked, “I didn’t hear what you said before.  Are you over 55?”

“No.” I feebly answered.

Once back in the safety of my non-judgemental car, I looked at myself in the mirror.  Really?  Humph, what does she know?

Back at home, I went into the bathroom for a closer look.  Gently pulling back on my jawline to see just how loose my skin is (or isn’t.)

How much does a little nip and tuck cost?  I asked myself, because apparently that’s what you do when you get “older.”

Now I fully understand my mom’s fight to retain her youthful looks.  Sorry mom, for not being understanding at the time.  You were right.

The most humbling part of all this is that I’m not even 50 yet, close, but not quite.

Now will begin the search for inner beauty and strength, along with affordable youth promising products.  I will happily share my findings with anyone else who is interested in postponing the inevitable.

If you have any great tips or pointers to share please feel free.


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